The SOLID Origins

The thread where it all started to take form, in the Spring of 1995.!topic/comp.object/WICPDcXAMG8

A Developer's Way of Thinking

Any time I’ve tried to push a developer’s way of thinking onto the business, the result is a mess. True, the requirements they bring to us are often a mess, but getting non-developers to acknowledge the complexity and gaps in their request by drawing charts with boxes and cylinders makes for a tiring and fruitless day.

Sharon Cichelli, Your Nerd Is Showing

Project Estimations

When somebody watches over your shoulder, asking how much longer it will take; when it’s three in the morning and you’re patching a server; in short when you are under pressure, then you stop solving problems. Your brain is frantically looking for the quickest thing you can do to make the problem go away. You’re not considering the whole matrix of solutions and consequences, of costs and benefits.

Mathias Verraes, The Cost of Estimation

Project Manager iOS Keyboard

With the introduction of custom iOS keyboards, we can now solve the greatest problem facing Project Managers: deciding just how PRIORITY a task is.

Introducing... PM-Keys!


It needs a lick of paint, but don't worry, that's of PRIORITY PRIORITY URGENT importance :)

This Video Changed... Everything

This video made the rounds in 2005, showcasing how quickly you can create a blog application in this new web framework: Ruby on Rails.

Why You Should Learn Git

Exhibit A: a real final-year group project for University.

Believe me, I tried to teach them Git; but I just ended up with an inbox of .zip files to merge...